Ingram Micro teams are working with vendors and partners to provide several solutions to contribute fighting COVID19 with advanced AI solutions 


Promise of technology is proven during the tough time, our solutions teams are working with vendors and partners to provide the best proved technology to help people and organization to live with COVID19 while medical workers are fighting it

Free Chatbot during Covid19 crises time, by DatumCon
One Week Free + 30% Discount till 15th May, by Softec
Doctor Triage Chatbot

Send information to external API for diagnosis and triage, NLP Processes response from external API and may ask the patient for more information, then it gives the required action to do with the patient.

Access Control with COVID19 restrictions

For Business continuity, we offer several form factors for access control considering the new health and safety measurements in COVID19 time, like fever detection, mask detection in addition to face recognition 

Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic solution is the right approach to protect doctors and patients, and give a window for the communication where patients can share documents and doctors can write a prescription.

Norma AI

more demand will come from online orders putting more pressure on the capacity of your logistics business, while you are required to cut budgets at the same time.

“ASK NORMA” and you will receive your optimized delivery routes within minutes and push pick lists to the warehouse managers; and your routes to your drivers.

Market Place for Medical Supplies

Machine-learning algorithm working as a backend of a marketplace to identify the demand and supply with restrictions to deliver the supplies to the right people with the fair price in the fastest time.

Fever Detection with AI

Rapid body temperature screening without affecting passenger flow speed, with AI features for face and mask recognition