NormaAI for logistics and distribution

Solution Discription

Due to these difficult times for the Logistics businesses. Stay at home policies make it much more difficult to interact with your team and plan your daily operations.


But also more demand will come from online orders putting more pressure on the capacity of your logistics business, while you are required to cut budgets at the same time.


We feel it is our responsibility to do everything possible to support Distribution & Logistics operations that are impacted by the current situation by committing our reliable technology and help remotely manage as much as possible.

If your usual way of planning for your delivery routes is a manual procedure to design schedules for the next day, allocate vehicles to routes and distribute delivery orders to vehicles, then NORMA can help automate this with a click of a button.


How does this work? 5 simple steps:

1)      Specify your available fleet structure

2)      Specify the list products you distribute

3)      Upload your delivery orders to NORMA (along with deadlines, time windows and operational rules)

Do you have exact drop-off locations? If not, NORMA will help you automatically pinpoint locations on the map

4)      Click on “ASK NORMA” and you will receive your optimized delivery routes within minutes.

5)      Push pick lists to the warehouse managers; and your routes to your drivers.


NORMA will not only simplify your planning procedure but will also optimize routes by reducing the number of vehicles and mileage driven.


Do you want to track your delivery orders status as well? With a simple dashboard connected to your driver’s mobile app in order to track compliance and re-route if needed.


If you are interested, register your interest and we will be happy to show you a demo. You are also eligible to receive a free one-week trial to see how we can help. For a limited period, there is a 30% discount for all sign-ups before May 15th.


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