Free of charge during

COVID19 Crises time*

full development and full implementation of Nayaat NLP Chatbot for one of your choice from the following:

  • Assistance for doctors (triage or resource management)

  • Assistance for questions on Covid19 for the general public

  • Assistance for job seekers or social security

  • Assistance  for teleworking or any HR coordination

  • Assistance to any disaster-relief organizations related to Covid19 or it's consequences

  • Assistance for any public school system disrupted by the lockdown

  • Promotion is for a max of 30 Days during Covid19 crises time

  • All setup is done on the cloud

  • End-user fills out the Chatbot script questionnaire clearly

  • End-user provides assistance with the credentials for any of Whatsapp business account, Facebook account, Telegram account or website where our widget for chatbot would be included and he coordinates (with our assistance) all proper permits with Whatsapp, Facebook or any applicable channel.

  • full functioning chatbot within 5 working days of receiving the Chatbot Script Questionnaire

  • we are committed to not using any user data for any purpose whatsoever

  • Ensuring full control of the end user of his/her own data and proper GDPR compliance.

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